Annjie Houston


Fusing the art of rhythm and poetry, Zamaera creates beauty in the duality of weaving delicate vocals with eloquent lyricism into the fabric of her identity as an artist. Breaking down the barrier between audience and artist with relatable and engaging music that resonates universally.

Growing up in Malaysia, music flowed through Zamaera’s home from a young age as her obsession led her to pick up guitar and piano lessons.  Never shy behind a microphone, she found solace on stage and performing to an audience. ““My love for poetry began at school and it evolved into songwriting,” says Zamaera. “At 17, I started my journey as a singer-songwriter, recorded the very first demo on my acoustic guitar, and sent it out to a few recording labels. I was thrilled to be offered a contract and signed at 17!”

After being signed, she continued her education abroad in Germany, which shaped and molded her songwriting process. “It spurred a ton of writing on my end,” says Zamaera regarding her time abroad. “It was a way of coping with everything I was experiencing at that time.” Upon returning to Malaysia, Zamaera dove head first into the rap universe of Southeast Asia, studying her favorite artists relentlessly to perfect her art. “I was surrounded by the best that hip-hop in Malaysia had to offer,” says Zamaera. “Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and Aman Ra were Malaysian artists that influenced and fueled my passion for rap. I will be forever grateful and thankful for the role that they’ve played in my journey.”

In 2017, Zamaera independently released her first single “Helly Kelly,” an explosive track to introduce herself to the industry, which took notice and within the same year, she signed an artist development deal with international recording label Lakefront Records. She also released her second single “Wanita” in her native language, which explores the importance of female empowerment.

With two successful singles under her belt, Nike approached Zamaera with an endorsement opportunity. Capitalizing on the momentum of the endorsement, Zamaera dropped her first mixtape titled DontZzOnMe in June of 2018. The SoundCloud release offers ten tracks to showcase her take on Nicki Minaj’s “Chun Li’’ and Drake’s “God’s Plan.” In addition, MTV Asia premiered their reboot of Yo! MTV Raps Cypher, featuring Zamaera among other prominent artists from South East Asia.

Set for international release in October 2018, Zamaera’s debut EP will be accompanied by a South East Asian tour. This 4-track EP features its first single titled “ZvsZ,” which captures her soulful songwriting and hard-pressing rhythm and poetry, a reflection of that artistic duality that pulls listeners into her gravitational energy.