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Though she’s been singing all her life and performing since the tender age of eight, most fans fell in love with Sydney Rhame when she made a national appearance on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2015. Her sweet rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” earned her a spot-on Pharrell Williams’ team during blind auditions, but allowed the world to get an immediate glimpse at the talent that is Sydney Rhame.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, the multi-talented singer-songwriter realized early on that making music was not only her dream, but her goal which she was destined to achieve. She began showcasing her talent in various venues across the country, playing at numerous gigs and making sure that her name and music were being heard by as many people as possible. As her confidence continued to grow and her style continued to develop, Sydney steadily amassed a loyal following, already garnering close to 2 million views on YouTube, with thousands more following her every move on social media.

After showcasing her talents on “The Voice,” Sydney continued to hone her craft and sharing original music and covers for her growing fan base. Her commitment to her music, eventually caught the attention of numerous executives, leading to her signing her a recording contract in early 2018 with Cheiron Records, who is in partnership with Siri Music Group/Caroline/Capitol Records. This same type of enthusiasm to share her music, led Sydney being one of the featured artists on the The Boys of Summer Tour 2018, while previously having has opened up for the likes of Jamie Lynn Spears, Max Schneider, Aaron Carter and The Shadowboxers.

With “girl next door” looks, couple with an electric personality, a talent for storytelling and an undeniable rich tone that only experienced singers seem to possess, it’s safe to say that Sydney Rhame is securely on track to be a worldwide sensation. With musical influences like John Mayer, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, David Gray, Prince, The Lumineers, and Kendrick Lamar, it’s no wonder Sydney Rhame performs like a pro.

"Sydney sings with beautiful dynamics and has a really lovely way of approaching a song. She was worth the wait" - Pharell Williams The Voice.

Along with being an accomplished song writer, the multifaceted singer and songwriter also plays the piano, ukulele, guitar and bass guitar., which further expands her appeal. With the highly anticipated release her debut single, “Lose Myself,” followed by the release of her debut EP in late 2018, Sydney Rhame will be making her mark on the music industry for years to come.

Press Releases

09.28.18//The Voice’s Sydney Rhame Delivers Glittering Pop Single

The Voice’s Sydney Rhame Delivers Glittering Pop Single

Pop Songstress Unveils New Track, “Lose Myself”

Atlanta, GA – A Georgia peach breaks the rules on what it means to be a pop princess, infusing soulful honesty with modulated and smooth vocals in “Lose Myself.” A masterful creative piece, Sydney Rhame captures the abstract emotions sparked in a relationship and molds them to fit her glossy track. “Lose Myself” is available to stream and download on digital music platforms.

Rhame won audiences over in season nine of The Voice, where she found her place on Team Pharrell. “I wasn’t looking for good, I was looking for great and Sydney was worth the wait!” praised Pharrell. Taking Pharrell’s compliments and using them as fuel, Rhame took it a step further and went on to tour across the United States on the “Boys Of Summer Tour.” Now she’s returned to the spotlight with a buoyant new single, “Lose Myself.” “I’m so excited to share this song with everyone! It’s different than what I’ve done in the past because it’s straight up catchy pop but it still has a cool message,” said Rhame. A velvet laden track unlike her previous works, “Lose Myself” is a dynamic pop single that lends itself to a night out with friends, or a road trip along Route 66. Rhame’s feathery and effervescent vocals accompany lyrics of self-discovery, beautifully layering higher and lower, slowly progressing as the song builds. “My life and experiences are what influence my music,” Rhame admittedly reveals.

Channeling inspirations such as Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and Florence and The Machine, Rhame has been finding her footing since the age of eight when she first began performing. “I got to work with some amazing writers and producers like Femke, Chauncy, and The Chemistri who really helped to make a super creative environment without judgment which is so important for writing and creating,” said Rhame. “They had such cool unique ideas that ultimately made the song what it is.” Treating pop music as a science, the team handcrafted a song that pushes Rhame out of her comfort zone. “Lose Myself” tastefully soundtracks Rhame’s generation, embodying the freedom that can only be found through self-discovery and acceptance.

Rhame is an accomplished guitarist and pianist who has performed for more than 200 concerts throughout the country since the age of eight. Audiences are consistently surprised by her young age because of her insightful, mature lyrics and soulful voice, which have garnered her much media attention and label interest.

“Lose Myself” is now available for streaming and download on digital music platforms. Keep up with all things Sydney Rhame by following @sydneyrhame on Instagram and Twitter or checking out her Facebook page: