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Philip La Rosa is a Fremantle based singer-songwriter whose music comes packed with an exhilarating and uplifting narrative. Inspired to share his positive vision of difference, acceptance and pride, Philip’s music melds infectious beats with brave, powerful vocals, while also highlighting his deep love for making music.

Philip launched his debut single PRIDE in March 2016 after collaborating with Sydney’s Banton Brothers who co-wrote and produced his debut EP – STRONG. With a passionate message to stay true to yourself, PRIDE is a personal song for Philip who has always loved music but was put off from pursuing his dream as a teenager when his journey was touched by bullying, fear and intolerance.

Philip’s passion for singing started when he was around 10 years old, copying dance moves from music videos and performing for his family. Gleaning influences from the greats of pop, his interest quickly evolved as he enrolled in performing arts studies that then led to an interest in musical theatre, hip hop, jazz, contemporary dance and acting. He took to the stage wherever and whenever he could; at community fairs, shopping centres, events and concerts as well as private weddings and functions. He made his big stage debut with 2007’s “Cruisin’ the Musical” – featuring Glenn Shorrock and Chris Murphy – and he also sang in the choir for Jessica Mauboy, Ricki-Lee and other Australian artists on Channel 7’s Telethon.

It was while studying a double scholarship in drama and dance at John Curtin College of the Arts in Fremantle that Philip felt the effect of bullying really bite, which led him to drop out and pursue other creative endeavours – starting up his own digital design company at the age of 18. Looking back after this point, Philip recognised the tough times had made him stronger and he suddenly had a focus, like never before. And after feeling there wasn’t enough positive energy in the music he was hearing, Philip, now 25, felt a strong desire to share his story, and at the same time use his music to shine a light on depression in the youth and LGBTI communities. After countless hours writing and workshopping in the studio, STRONG was the result.

The PRIDE music video was the next big release. With over 250k+ views, the music video was the perfect accompaniment to a song that asks you to stand up for what you believe in and lights a fire under everyone who hears it to achieve their dreams. Directed by Jacqueline Pelczar and produced by Elaine Smith, the video shows the everyday struggles of five characters who fight to break free and embrace who they are.

After the release of the PRIDE music video and an important live performance debut at Perth Pride Night in November 2016, Philip earned a legion of supporters to whom he feels completely indebted and hopes they’ll continue along with him on this journey of equality and love.

In early 2016, Philip collaborated with local Perth producer WasteLand to launch a new spin on PRIDE as a free digital release you can find on SoundCloudSpotify and Apple Music.

After another year of writing, Philip was back in the studio with fresh energy, ready to turn his inner thoughts and writing into more music for his fans. With a collection of heart pumping personal stories, Philip found his way to another Sydney based producer, this time teaming up with Taka Perry for an exciting new direction in his music. Along with never before heard music, Philip’s new album contains brand new remixes, including another collaborative mix with WasteLand.


Press Releases

10.10.18//Philip La Rosa Shakes Pop Scene with New Music Video

Philip La Rosa Shakes Pop Scene with New Music Video

Australian Pop Artist Drops Music Video for Latest Track “Drowning”

 Perth, Australia – With his viral YouTube hit, “Pride” under his belt, Philip La Rosa is back again with a brand new release. Unrelenting in his pursuit of moving audiences through passionate vocals, inspirational lyrics, and sweeping musical accompaniment, La Rosa’s new track “Drowning” is another poignant song in his growing collection of impressive releases. Tackling themes of depression, anxiety, and personal triumph, “Drowning” showcases an evocative yet catchy vocal performance by La Rosa. Released on October 10th in alignment with World Mental Health Day, “Drowning” is now available for streaming on all digital platforms.

Recounting a best friend’s struggle with depression and anxiety, La Rosa explains that he wrote drowning as a redemptive anthem for those struggling with mental illness. Elaborating on this theme, La Rosa opens up about his friend, “He has been in constant struggle for many years, but always pulls himself back up and keeps on pushing through. Drowning is a representation of those feelings.”  While watching the music video, it’s clear how this inspiration has sculpted the track into its current form. The song starts with an emotionally driven piano intro that gently guides the listener into the first vocal verse. Led by a visceral, emotional, and evocative vocal performance by La Rosa, “Drowning” expertly captures the feeling of being buried by emotion and the relief that comes with persevering. The visual elements of the music video also provide a thematic compliment, showing a woman (Nicole Crisp) struggling underwater, only to reemerge triumphantly in the video’s climax. The visual elements, complimented by a pervasive musicality, make “Drowning” an immersive experience with a potent message.

With only a handful of years in the industry, La Rosa is a rising star no doubt. His debut music video “Pride” reached nearly 300k views and counting on YouTube and has helped earn him a sizable audience of devoted listeners. Influenced by pop-stars like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Jackson and Pink, La Rosa hopes to break-through the pop-scene by creating meaningful songs that can be a vehicle for positive change. With a number of scheduled releases, La Rosa is fully prepared to make a full musical debut.

“Drowning” is now available to stream and download across all digital music platforms. To keep up with future releases by Philip La Rosa, visit his site at