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Pop artists sometimes get a bad rap these days, but Payson is fighting back.  Armed with his intoxicating positive energy, Payson delivers music that you can’t help but move to. Payson’s brand is a garden of 80’s and 90’s influenced pop hooks, feel-good vibes, and live-your-best-life mentality.

A Philly kid born and raised, Payson was brought up on a steady diet of his older brothers’ old cassette tapes and mom’s gluten-free cooking.  Eventually, he found his way out to Los Angeles to study music at USC.  During his studies, Payson honed his craft as a member of the internationally acclaimed collegiate a cappella group, SoCal VoCals.

Payson’s infectious charisma and natural knack for show business led him to plenty of television appearances in LA.  As a tenor, Payson’s ability to hit the high notes landed him a spot on NBC’s “The Sing Off”, a show that ran for 4 seasons and launched the career of the multi-platinum and Grammy winning group PENTATONIX. This role not only served as a major gateway for Payson as a singer but also as an actor.   His acting credits include episodes of How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, The People vs. OJ Simpson, Rules of Engagement in addition to various theatrical performances.

While acting is certainly a powerful asset within Payson’s wheelhouse, his first love and ultimate mission is music.  Payson has generated an impressive buzz, not to mention thousands of subscribers, through his popular YouTube channel.  This channel showcases Payson’s artistic spirit through his numerous cover videos.  Among the most viral of these videos was his cover of Taylor Swift’s “Out of the Woods” and a creative mashup that combined Zayn Malik’s “Pillowtalk” with Rihanna and Drake’s “Work.”  These two covers made their way to a wide variety of press outlets, including features from Perez Hilton.

It’s clear that Payson Lewis is a jack of many trades.  Most recently, his talent is flourishing as an artist and a songwriter.  Drawing on the influences of his youth and inspiration from his life and the world around him, Payson is creating a new band-driven pop sound that simultaneously feels new and yet, familiar.  Somewhere between Coldplay, Walk the Moon, and the 1975 is where you’ll find Payson.  And when you do, you won’t want to leave.

Press Releases

10.05.18//Payson Lewis Drops Debut EP Take Me Apart

Payson Lewis Drops Debut EP Take Me Apart

Indie Pop Artist Makes Impressive Musical Debut  

Los Angeles, CA – After a year of intense musical craftsmanship, indie pop-artist Payson Lewis is officially ready to make his full musical debut and embark on what is destined to be an impressive come up. Blending powerful lyrics, sweeping musical accompaniment, and energetic vocals, Lewis’ EP Take Me Apart is an oasis of true pop bangers in a genre often oversaturated with uninspired tracks. The EP is now available on digital music platforms worldwide.

Following a series of singles, Payson Lewis is holding no punches with this robust six-track EP. Exploring themes of self-actualization, nostalgia, and positive thinking, Lewis shows off his musicianship and lyrical prowess in a tangible way. Despite a collection of deep thematic explorations, Lewis is still able to create an EP that is full of fun and memorable tracks. Songs like “When Love Was Young” show off Lewis’ ability to craft catchy choruses harmonized by beautiful piano accompaniment, whereas tracks like “Better Run” show his aptitude for utilizing driving guitar riffs and pulsing drum beats to compliment his impressive vocals. Take Me Apart is a collection of songs that will resonate with any audience.

A Philadelphia native, Lewis has always had an intimate relationship with music. A member of his school’s choir, Lewis taught himself to play piano at a young age before eventually attending University of Southern California as a Music Industry Major. While studying at USC, Lewis had a number of musically transformative experiences including meeting his best friend and singing with USC’s world-renowned a cappella group, the SoCal Vocals. After graduating, his best-friend and musical inspiration passed away suddenly, inspiring Lewis to carry the musical torch that two had once lit together. Now a few years into his musical career, Lewis was a contestant on NBC’s The Sing Off, a show known for jumpstarting Grammy winning group PENTATONIX’s career. A jack of all trades, Lewis has also appeared on a variety of shows including How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, and The People V. OJ Simpson.

With the release of Take Me Apart, Payson Lewis is fully embracing a lifelong dream of becoming an accomplished solo artist. His music has been lauded by Hollywood Life, Celebmix, The Young Folks and more. Take Me Apart is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms. Follow his exciting future at