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Embellished by electronic flourishes and angular guitars, “Chemicals” from Parker Bossley presents the artist’s confiding vocals accentuated by the rhythmic punch of pop-persuasive choruses and provocative lyricism. It serves both as a debut release and the tantalizing prologue to his new solo project.

“Chemicals,” Parker says, illustrates his life from late teens to early twenties. “It’s me writing about my relationships with drugs and love. The hook was spawned in my head on the third day of a festival when the drugs just literally didn’t work anymore.” The track is paired with an eye-popping video, as Parker’s animated image is transformed and transported into a dazzling menagerie of land and sea creatures, courtesy of London-based animation and puppetry director Joseph Wallace.

Due out in early fall, the follow up track “Lifted” is also a narrative about his younger self. Aloft on massive vocals, the chorus projects sonic beams of upbeat optimism.  “It’s about being down and out, kicked around and not really caring that things are shitty because you have the beautiful notion that you will change the world,” Parker avows. “And I still think that I can.”

Best known to North American audiences for his key roles in the bands Hot Hot Heat, Mounties and Gay Nineties, Parker, who co-fronts Fur Trade with Steve Bays, contributed songs for his past bands including the final Hot Hot Heat album. He also writes for other artists; notably, he collaborated on “Walking Target” for Fitz and the Tantrums from the band’s eponymous third album, and he has been collaborating with Sleepy Tom for his new EP.

Music has always been the center of Parker’s world as he describes his parents as “voracious music fans.” Signing his first record deal at 15, he began touring North America with his band, and built a solid reputation as a session bassist.

Feeling creative constriction, he took his family’s advice to move to Los Angeles and formulate his solo career.  “Sometimes you’re so boxed in by your life you don’t realize the options. In your heart of hearts you always know what you’re supposed to be doing.”

Living an itinerant existence, Parker wrote his new songs while living in Airbnb digs – including an RV with a leaky roof parked in Lincoln Park in East Los Angeles, where sporadic gunshots would provide the backbeat. “On my daily neighborhood walks I would get called out as ‘Duran Duran guy’ thanks to my fashion decisions,” he remembers. “Fortunately, LA winters are pretty dry and it was very cheap – I could live off of 50 cent tacos.”

Now, with his slate of newly written and recorded songs, Parker connects to compassionate themes of kindness and empathy. “These releases are a long time coming and a true labor of love,” he notes. While Parker Bossley may approach his solo endeavors with humor and humility, he is deadly serious about his craft. “I’ll throw myself in front of a bus for my songs,” he concludes.

Press Releases

07.13.18//Parker Bossley Debuts Surreal Music Video “Chemicals”

Parker Bossley Debuts Surreal Music Video “Chemicals”

Indie-pop Musician Debuts New Solo Project

Los Angeles, CA – Travel with Parker Bossley on a four-minute kaleidoscope trip in his imaginative debut music video, “Chemicals.” Maddening and playful, the video is a brief look into the abstract youth’s transformative internal landscapes. “Chemicals” is Bossley’s first release as a solo artist. The indie-pop single is currently available for streaming on digital music platforms and a music video for the song can be found on his YouTube channel.

Parker Bossley enters a prismatic realm in a room of open doors, offering a glimpse of familiar yet dreamlike scenes glossed with Lewis Carroll-like sentiment. The journey into each wonderland begins with whimsical intention, but quickly develops an unnerving edge. “‘Chemicals’ is me writing about my relationships with drugs and love,” says Bossley. “The hook was spawned in my head on the third day of a festival when the drugs just literally didn’t work anymore.” The video was directed by Joseph Wallace, a BAFTA Cymru nominated animation director. Filmed at Hangar Puppet Animation Studio in Bristol, UK, “Chemicals” is a nod to the highs and lows, and the unsettling yet comforting undulate feelings of an evening where drugs fuel the sunset into a sunrise. The song was co-written with Jacob Summers (Avid Dancer) and was both produced and mixed by Grammy Award-winning record producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Walk the Moon, Neon Indian).

At age fifteen, Bossley signed his first record deal and dropped out of school to begin touring North America. He went on to become a bass guitar session player, splitting his time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. Before going solo, Bossley was a member of Hot Hot Heat, Gay Nineties and Mounties. He currently co-fronts a band called Fur Trade alongside Steve Bays. As a songwriter, Bossley penned a song on the latest Fitz and the Tantrums album and has written with blues-rock band No Sinner and DJ Sleepy Tom.

“Chemicals” is available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide. Watch the music video on YouTube. Stay updated with Parker Bossley’s musical endeavors at