No No Yeah Okay


Annjelica Houston

The Milwaukee-based sonic melting pot that is No No Yeah Okay took
form in 2014 when Mark Gage (production) and Christopher Quasius
(guitar) began creating experimental instrumentals with little purpose
beyond passing the time while drinking a few beers. As their library
of instrumentals grew, Mark invited friend and, at the time, rapper,
Colin Plant (vocals), to add vocals to a few tracks. Colin quickly
felt like No No Yeah Okay was an opportunity to grow as an artist and
change his style towards singing versus rapping. With the introduction
of Joshua Paynter (bass) the band added a layer of craft and detail
that was necessary to finish their debut song, XO.

XO was the proxy to a longer road of discovery. How do you mash hip
hop with electronic with punk? They are still figuring that out, one
song at a time. In 2015, No No Yeah Okay released Dual (EP). Through
the stylistic twist and turns of each member’s influence, a broader
narrative emerged through the debut project. A story that contains
scenarios and messages that are relatable to most anyone; the rise and
fall of your first serious relationship. No No Yeah Okay had quickly
become established as a unique sonic presence delivered by an elevated
focus on aesthetics and narrative substance.

For a group who was still discovering their own identity, this
attention awarded No No Yeah Okay with opportunities to take their
sound to the public on larger-than-life stages. Everything from
Summerfest to NBA halftime shows.

As No No Yeah Okay are set to release their follow up project, Cabal
(EP), the band showcases their evolution and maturity as musicians as
well as performers. Like Dual, Cabal follows a thematic throughline
that portrays the varying abstract forms of identity and what it is to
augment your identity to fulfill the perceptions of others.