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Expect Miesa to make her mark as a new female R&B/pop contender to watch,” Yahoo Music says of the passionate artist with an undeniably melodic sound reminiscent of the great singers from the early 90’s, when vocal prowess was the driving force behind the music. “I want my fans to feel the music the way that I do," says Miesa. "I'm in love with harmonies and backgrounds that give music different dynamics. I just want people to experience what's in my heart and understand my passion.”

Hailing from South Jersey, her musical background is deeply rooted in family ties, growing up in a household that played, sang and harmonized as if it was breathing – so innate that she never even considered that music would be her ultimate calling until she could no longer deny it. Early on, she learned to sing and play several instruments, including guitar, piano and clarinet. “My father plays all sorts of instruments really well, and while singing in church I was being exposed to an eclectic variety of musical styles.” With gospel, R&B, soul and funk music being played around the house on any given day, her Haitian and Filipino heritage added shades of calypso and kompa to the mix. By the age of seven, she was already in the studio, recording music professionally.

As the years passed, Miesa entered and won several local pageants and talent shows in nearby New York City. While working as a reference singer, she made an impression on Siri Music Group label head, Chauncy Jackson after being introduced by production team, The Chemistri. “Hearing her voice on a demo for a song that eventually became one of her singles [Blame My Ex] was only a small reason for the signing,” says Jackson. “[Miesa] has one of the most humbling personalities with an underlying sweetness that is at once compelling and hypnotic.”

Their creative pairing has since produced several singles, fostering a strong relationship that promises to elevate Miesa to the world’s stage. A tangible buzz began to simmer around the first single, “Antidote,” after debuting on Twittmusic garnering over 20K listeners its first week of release and attracting industry insiders alike, “Antidote' is an amazing song. Beautiful, [Miesa has] such a great voice," Chris Geringer of Sterling Sound said. The famed mastering engineer has worked with the likes of Madonna, Rihanna, Nas, Nelly Furtado, and Lady Gaga.

Her latest EP, “When Love…,” has garnered over 1.5M plays on Spotify. In addition, songs like "Adjusted To Lonely," which offers a throwback to 90s textured beats was featured on MTV’s “MY LIFE…” and “Overdrive” broke into the Top 20 at Urban Radio. Her tone is undeniable, especially when she interprets ballads and exposes her vulnerability.

Miesa was honored when she was asked to perform a tribute to the iconic Dionne Warwick. “Soulful but not forced, Miesa’s voice is a refreshing addition to the pop-tinged R&B landscape,” says The New Myspace. She has gone on to share the stage with talented the Andra Day and legendary Patti Austin for Skyville Live (AOL). Additionally, Miesa toured with Stanaj and SoMo and headlined her own intimate, National “Suite Tour” with Kimpton Hotels. Citing influences from artists that include Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, The Beatles and Whitney Houston, one can only describe her as an eclectic sponge, her music as an intimate confession of her deepest thoughts with lessons learned, delivering a heartfelt theme of love.

“I want my music to be timeless,” says Miesa.

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09.28.18//R&B Songstress Miesa Unveils Vulnerable New Single

R&B Songstress Miesa Unveils Vulnerable New Single

Atlanta-Based Powerhouse Vocalist Releases “Broken”

 Los Angeles, CA – Paying homage to early 90s vocal vibrato, R&B songstress Miesa releases her vulnerable new single, “Broken.” The track serves as a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated R&B climate. “Broken” captures audiences through a tale of unkept promises and nods to new beginnings. “Broken” is now available to stream and download on digital music platforms worldwide.

After touring with SoMo and Stanaj and being dubbed as a Rising Artist by TIDAL, Miesa returns with the single, “Broken.” The track transcends modern takes on throwback R&B and pop, as a result of Miesa’s exposed demeanor alongside a seamlessly crafted melody. “‘Broken’ is a perfect mix of both the old and new me, both musically and emotionally,” said Miesa. “[Miesa] has such a great voice,” famed mastering engineer Chris Geringer of Sterling Sound, praises. “Broken” touches on the classic R&B sound that fills audiences with nostalgia, but modernizes the track with heavy beats and whimsical percussions.

The effortless ease and familiarity that bleeds through the single can be traced back to the relationship Miesa has established with her creative team. “Getting back in the studio with my team to record, ‘Broken,’ was like finally getting to hang out with your close friends after being away on vacation. It just felt good and we picked up right where we left off,” said Miesa.  With the guidance of Siri Music Group’s label head Chauncy Jackson, the pairing has produced several singles that zero in on Miesa’s quintessential sound and showcase the magic that comes from fostering a strong musical relationship.

Music has always played a large role in the singer’s life; by the age of seven the South Jersey native was already in the studio, recording music professionally. Funneling inspiration from artists such as Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton; “Broken” finds its home on a colorful palette of soulfulness and grace. “Miesa comes alive when she is singing and her enthusiasm for her craft makes the listening experience that much more enjoyable for those becoming captivated by her powerful voice,” BET beams.

Fearlessly diving into modern music with her lyrics written on her sleeve, Miesa is ready to take audiences out of this world. “I want my music to be timeless,” says Miesa. “Broken” is now available to stream or download on all digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with all things Miesa by following her on social media via @miesamusic.