Amanda Blide

NYC-based indie pop artist Birch, the moniker for musician and producer Michelle Birsky, produces music that passionately deconstructs societal norms. Coupled with an extensive knowledge of music production and live instrumentation, Birch’s sound puts a synth-driven twist on tracks reminiscent of Bon Iver and St. Vincent.

Deriving from a small town in Connecticut, Birch kept her songwriting to herself for the majority of her life. Playing guitar comfortably alone in her bedroom, not performing in front of a crowd until furthering her studies at Kenyon College of Ohio. After immersing herself in music theory and composition studies, Birch learned to let her songs bleed into each other while incorporating core themes that run throughout; sparking her love for writing concept albums.

Birch has been releasing music and making waves in the Brooklyn scene for a few years now. Incredibly motivated by raising the female voice in society, Birch brands her music as feminist synth-pop. Female empowerment and gender equality are two causes very important to Birch. She often participates in marches and protests, donates regularly to Planned Parenthood and strives to use her platform to make a difference in the community.

Allowing the world's events to inspire and motivate her creatively, Birch is not afraid of using her voice in a positive, impactful way. Her record,, is set to release everywhere in the Spring of 2019.