Bad Wolf


Amanda Blide

Based out of Los Angeles, Bad Wolf forges sci-fi, fantasy, and a touch of goth rock into a unique brand of alternative rock. Haunting melodies soar over intricate harmonies while brooding beats and blossoming orchestrals entwine to instill a sense of wonder. Dubbed by their fans as ‘Fantasy-Rock,’ Bad Wolf creates catchy yet thoughtful songs that bring a unique and imaginative edge to the indie rock genre.

With over 1 million views on their YouTube channel, Bad Wolf prides themselves on creating unique visuals and stories to go along with their music.

Their EP ‘Time Is Falling’ is an eclectic mix of heavy rock, upbeat pop, and emotional ballads. With influences ranging as widely as Incubus, Evanescence, and Panic at the Disco, Bad Wolf unearths new musical territory with a rare blend of ambience and grit. The band enlisted prominent rock producer Erik Ron (Motionless In White, New Year’s Day, Hands Like Houses) to capture their ambitious vision and bring their music to life.