Adam Prince King


Annjelica Houston

Shiny, lyrical pop from London-born Cypriot producer-vocalist Adam Prince King. A performer from the womb, much to his mother's dismay, Adam would often head to primary school in a midnight blue velvet waistcoat and red bow tie, convincingly telling the teacher that he had a wedding to attend after class, often caught out but rarely giving a flying fuck.

Not much has changed - as his name suggests, Adam Prince King is a man in charge of his musical output and image - from the moody, sensual, tropical-pop of debut single "Flamingos" to the honest surrender of "Before The Sun goes Down" a track that could make you cry, dance & make an atheist pray all in 3 minutes, Adam writes songs du jour that are catchy-as-hell yet unafraid of vulnerability. Visually, you won't catch him dead in a bow-tie, but his striking artistry and his effortless love affair with the eccentric-cool only adds to the musical tapestry.

In just over a month, his debut music video for "Flamingos" has hit the 100K mark on YouTube and the track has been featured on Spotify's much-coveted Hiptronix Fresh Finds playlist.

Influences include David Bowie, Moby, Prince, Sade, 90's RnB, James Brown, Drake, Andre 3000, The Smiths, Madonna.

Press Releases

10.20.17//Adam Prince King’s New Single “Witches” Puts A Spell On Listeners

Adam Prince King’s New Single “Witches” Puts A Spell On Listeners

UK Based Pop Artist Captivates The World With Latest Release 

London, UK - Eccentric-pop powerhouse Adam Prince King has dropped “Witches,” the latest single off his upcoming self-titled EP, due out later this year via Little Assembly. The singer’s booming deep voice and funky dance beat accentuate the mystery brewing in this standout track. “Witches” is now available for stream or download worldwide from your favorite digital music outlet.

This self-produced single is original as it is haunting. “It’s my favourite track from the EP as it has lots of unexpected twists and turns, it’s pop, but there definitely is a wonky element to it,” says King. The song pays tribute to the eerie and mysterious side of Halloween, utilizing howling melodies and multiple intoxicating rhythms to draw listeners into its trance. Inspiration for this song came straight from the artist’s dreams. “I’m in Jungian psychotherapy and the main focus is dream analysis - dreams are a window into the unconscious,” he explains. This is King’s first release since signing with Little Assembly, a new LA based independent label that focuses on emerging artists making progressive and experimental pop music, with strong identities and unique vision.

Adam Prince King has been a performer since birth, constantly challenging himself to be more and dream bigger. He is always unapologetically himself with an outrageous fashion sense that would make David Bowie proud and a quirky moustache that shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously. With a degree in music production, King has a heavy hand in the making of his music. He bravely puts himself out into the world with infectious British pop tunes that will make you want to cry, dance, or go completely crazy all at the same time. In just over a month, his debut music video for “Flamingos” hit the 100k view mark on YouTube and the track has been featured on Spotify’s much-coveted Hiptronix Fresh Finds playlist. He is currently readying his debut self-titled EP for release via Little Assembly later this year.

“Witches” is the latest single off Adam Prince King’s forthcoming debut EP, out via Little Assembly, and is now available for stream and download worldwide. Keep up with his latest shenanigans at and stay tuned for more new music coming soon.