Zander Bleck


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A spellbinding voice, vibrant charisma and a compelling artist in ascension: Zander Bleck creates epic, anthemic music to propel powerhouse rock into the future.

Through the unprecedented reach of social media, his songs resonate worldwide. “I am a big advocate for positivity and manifesting what you want,” he says. “The universe has funny ways of making that happen in ways we could never imagine.”

A small town kid from rural New Jersey, Zander grew up geographically close to the towering spires of Manhattan. Talented older cousins were prime influences as he absorbed the music of legendary artists from far before his time. A competitive athlete in high school, he moved to New York where modeling paid the bills and set the stage for his journey. “I developed a certain type of fearlessness,” Zander remembers. “When you get that hardened skin it prepares you well for the music business.”

While being in front of the camera came easily enough, it was not within his creative control. Music was. After early successes with his East Coast band, Zander went solo. Fate connected him to multiple Grammy-winning songwriter Holly Knight and he traveled to Los Angeles to write and record “Temptation,” the song that he recalls, “…changed everything.”

His distinctive voice captured the attention of producer RedOne, hot off the success of Lady Gaga. RedOne introduced Zander to Jimmy Iovine at Interscope Records and a deal was made. When an executive shakeup reordered the label, Zander shifted to Capitol Records. But his major label launch was not to be.

“I had to get tough or die,” Zander remembers. Social media was key. “I was getting an instant response. Rather than going through the chain, here was the artist and the audience. When I sing a song on social media the message is immediate, to thousands of people all over the world. I started dedicating myself to this connection.”

Forthcoming, a planned series of singles will constitute Zander’s sonic messages to a fan base that now stretches across continents and oceans. With the brotherhood of a band that has traveled with him to Los Angeles, he will be staging a fully realized live performance to showcase the edgy accessibility of his artistry.

“I truly feel like I am a lion that’s been stuck in a cage,” concludes Zander. “My story is not a sob story. I’ve been incredibly fortunate. A lot of incredibly talented artists haven’t had the luck I’ve had. I’ve been so close, but I’ve never had that chance. I feel fortunate to not be jaded. Now it’s press play, balls to the wall. I’m reaching toward the moon.”

Press Releases

07.14.17//Zander Bleck Unveils Resonating Pop-Rock Single “Alive”

Zander Bleck Unveils Resonating Pop-Rock Single “Alive”

Los Angeles Based Musician Releases Pulsating New Track

Los Angeles, CA -   Pop-rock artist, Zander Bleck has released his anthemic new single, “Alive.” Featuring a fluid cooperation, the emotive vocals, driven guitar riffs and dominating drums of this track will revitalize the spirits of audiences. “Alive” is now available for download or streaming on Spotify and the video is available for viewing on YouTube.

In true pop-rock form, “Alive” inspires self-empowerment, which is encompassed in the memorable lyric, “I’m back alive”. With help from producers Gavin Brown, Mark Needham, Ben O’Neill and Matt Chirarelli, Bleck has created a sonic soundscape that propels his powerhouse rock into the forefront of the current music scene. “I wrote ‘Alive’ about that moment after going through a challenging tim e, gaining inner strength from deep within to press on towards whatever it is one deeply desires, and to truly remind yourself that we are all Alive. Bleeding, breathing, heart beating, beings,” Bleck explains. To bring the meaning of the song come to life, Bleck enlisted the help of video director, Dale “Rage” Resteghini.

Hailing from a small town in New Jersey, Zander Bleck discovered a love of legendary artists at young age. After high school, he moved to New York City to pursue a career in modeling, but there was something missing. By pursuing music, it awarded him not only the opportunity to express himself, but gave him the creative control he desired. His distinctive vocals and range modernizes voices of the past in a way nobody has done before. His voice captured the attention of producer RedOne, who introduced Bleck to Jimmy Iovine at Interscope Records and a deal was made. When an executive shakeup reordered the label, Bleck shifted to Capitol Records, however his major label launch was brought to a stand still. Through the twists and turns of his career, Bleck had remained positive urging others to do the same. “I want to send a message of hope and inspire people to follow their dreams.”

Zander Bleck’s powerful vocals, vibrant charisma and captivating instrumentation forge a song that will fit right in at rock stadiums. “Alive” is now available for streaming on Spotify and a video is available for viewing on YouTube.  For more information visit