Tim Myers


Amanda Blide


A remarkably accomplished creator with over five hundred major musical placements in feature films, television shows and commercials; a founding member of the multi-platinum group OneRepublic and the co-writer of multiple songs on the band’s first two albums, including the Number One hit “Stop and Stare.” Artist, songwriter and producer Tim Myers steps into the solo spotlight with Portraits, a new collection of songs that matches eloquent emotional authenticity to luminous pop productions.

In visual art, a portrait is a posed depiction of a person gazing directly at the painter or photographer. Through Tim’s lyrical illustrations, each of the songs on Portraits references specific characters who have impacted his life. Playing virtually all of the instruments on the record and layering expressive vocal harmonies, Tim invited a stellar cast of special guests for selected tracks. Propelled by a killer radio-ready hook, the upbeat lead single “Lover My Love,” is produced by Grammy honoree Dave Audé. American Idol-winning artist Philip Phillips is onboard for “Mother,” and top charting British artist James Arthur joins Tim on the poignant “Tana: Sorry Don’t Live Here,” a story that chronicles the healing aftermath in the wake of a tragedy.

Tim confirms that these profoundly personal songs are drawn from scenarios in his history. “I started examining my life, my childhood, my upbringing, and all of these demons started coming out. Pain can hold you back from doing what you want to do, but in the process of making this record I was able to let all of that go.” While the themes might have been conceived through turmoil -- the ominously pointed track “The King” speaks to the perils of autocratic power in Trump-era America -- Portraits reflects an endearing optimism through joyous choruses on songs like “18” and “Born for This,” and the tender “Daughter,” written by Tim about his two children.

Growing up in California, Tim Myers was a musical kid in a Christian vocal group who, from his first studio sessions, was enthralled with the recording process. After moving to Los Angeles, and playing historic Hollywood venues with his rock band, it was at a church gig where he connected with a roommate of budding songwriter and artist Ryan Tedder. The result was the band OneRepublic. “It was so much fun, such good memories. You meet certain people who affect the rest of your life and Ryan was one,” says Tim.

As a songwriter, producer and artist, Tim’s subsequent career has included hits with Capital Cities, Five for Fighting, Hailee Steinfeld, Ke$ha and many others. His solo single “Hills to Climb” earned over 12 million streams and his music, highlighted in multiple feature films and trailers, has orchestrated commercial campaigns for such brands as Apple, Pepsi, Coke, Toyota and Target, plus top television shows and promos on all major networks. Writing songs, Tim avows, is something that he has done continually since age 12. “You can’t wait for inspiration to come to you. You have to run toward it and practice it every day.”

At the emotional center of the new musical collection is “Portrait of Home,” the song that gives title to the full–length release. “If you listen to this album and dive into every lyric, you’ll figure out who I am pretty quickly,” says Tim. “Someone with a lot of colors -- I’m not one dimensional. I want people to know who I am authentically, and how passionate I am about what I do. It’s my life, and it’s a good life, but I have made many sacrifices to arrive at this moment.” Musically, metaphorically and magically, with Portraits, Tim Myers looks directly into the lens to reveal his soul.