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The Ramona Flowers formed in 2012 when Dave Betts (keys/guitar) met (singer) Steve Bird for the first time at a fancy dress party. The former was dressed as Freddie Mercury and the latter as a vacuum cleaner. Yes? and they recruited (drummer) Ed Gallimore after a girl Betts knew was stood up on a Tinder date by a “good-looking guy” who was also a professional drummer. The romance wasn’t to be, but Gallimore was soon drafted into the band’s line-up. This is all fact???

What is certainly true is Betts, Sam James (guitar) and Wayne Jones (bass) met Bird and Gallimore and The Ramona Flowers were born...

Having initially banded together in their shared search to find the sweet spot between rock and electronica, The Ramona Flowers have progressed through two albums – Dismantle And Rebuild (2014) and Part Time Spies (2016) – to their finely-honed third long-player, Strangers. Their most electronic and dancefloor-ready offering to date, its creation was overseen – as was its predecessor – by American, London-based producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, St Lucia). “Chris has a brilliant knack for getting the most beautiful sounds out of classic synths," Sam James says of Zane. “This time around, we really wanted to be able to bring those kinds of sounds to life.”

The last few years have seen The Ramona Flowers playing concerts around the world, making many new fans - including the singer of U2. When Bono heard his daughter playing Lust And Lies, the pulsing and atmospheric lead track from the band’s 2013 EP of the same name, it caught his ear. Bono contacted the band and subsequently recruited the song’s producer Andy Barlow (one half of electronic duo Lamb) to help in the making of the Irish supergroup’s latest album, Songs Of Experience.

It’s indicative of how word-of-mouth has been crucial to building awareness of The Ramona Flowers, along with their dedication to touring. “We’ve played so much,” says Steve Bird. “We’ve supported a lot of bands and done our own shows and so I think people have just seen us and told other people about us. I suppose it’s more of an old- fashioned way of doing things.”

As a statement of intent, the title track from Strangers sets the tone of The Ramona Flowers’ new approach. A nocturnal- sounding club track with a vocoder hookline, it finds Bird lyrically concerned with re-exploring the early passion of a relationship. “It’s about when you meet somebody and that first sort of whirlwind of how great it is,” says the singer. “It’s wanting to repeat it all again.”

Meanwhile the addictive chorus of electro pop follow-up single Out Of Focus further underlines the more synth-based emphasis of Strangers, along with the driving, Gorillaz-ish Same Sun and the joyful Venice, which imagines an idyllic future existence in the Italian city.

“Venice is loosely about myself and my girlfriend moving on eventually to be in a beautiful place and forgetting about day-to- day troubles,” Bird explains. “It’s a sweeter side to the album. Same Sun is slightly darker. It’s more generally about society and the world we live in. It’s about always moving around on tour and seeing people and their lives, even though you’re just passing through.”

Having so much performance experience now has further influenced The Ramona Flowers and the sound of Strangers. “You learn about the sort of songs you want to write,” says Sam James. “With the first album we suddenly realised after a couple of tours that actually a lot of the songs didn’t work live...the dynamics weren’t quite right. Then with the second album we were like, ‘Right, we need to write a few more that are a bit more banging.’ So when you go into the third album, you’re thinking, ‘We need songs that are a bit more dancey, more pacey.’ It takes time to learn that. Now people see us live and they say suddenly it all comes together and makes sense to them.”

For Strangers, The Ramona Flowers employed a new creative modus operandi of the collective members writing separately, using computers and synthesisers, before bringing the songs to the rest of the band in the studio to complete as a team. Hence the music’s more electronic focus. “These guys don’t pick up their guitars any more,” laughs Bird. “It wasn’t a conscious decision. It was just the way it naturally progressed. We’ve always been going that way.”

The Ramona Flowers’ nerve centre is The Distillery, a rural residential studio in the midst of the Somerset countryside, where they sometimes find themselves sharing the facility with legendary music figures. Steve Bird remembers a playful moment there with Tom Jones when the Welsh singer challenged him for sitting in his chair at the dinner table. “He said, ‘You’re in my seat,’” Bird recalls with a grin. “So I kind of nervously laughed, and he went, ‘No...I always sit at the head of the table. You’ve got a good voice, but it ain’t that good! Get out of my seat!’”

Among the band’s more recent adventures are a memorable set at Glastonbury 2017 and a trip to Japan to play at the 2017 Fuji Rock Festival, where they were astounded to find themselves performing at the decidedly un-rock’n’roll time of 10.30AM to 5,000 avid fans. “They were singing along and knew all the words,” Bird marvels. “It’s weird when you’ve written some words just sitting in England and then people in Japan are singing them back to you. That was definitely one of the most fun gigs.”

More fun and games were to be had when celebrated British actor Brian Blessed appeared in the video for The Ramona Flowers’ recent single If You Remember (from their 2017 EP Magnify). In it, the Flash Gordon and Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace star was cast as a drunken, faded thespian viewing his past achievements in his private screening room, then chasing stalking kids from his house, before enlisting them in the making of an ad-hoc movie. “We wanted to get somebody that was a character and had a bit of a name,” says James. “But the last person that we ever considered was Brian Blessed. It was left-field and quite cool. He’s a bit of a legend.”

Three albums in, The Ramona Flowers deserve to be ranked up there with the contemporary artists and bands they most admire and feel an affinity with: Phoenix, M83, Everything Everything, Sampha, Wild Beasts. With Strangers, they surely will be, since they’re performing at peak level.
“I think this record is much more accessible to a wider audience,” says Sam James. “The sound of the band is big. We have ambitions to play bigger stages, and we do think the sound on this album lends itself to us being that kind of band.” “We just want to get out there and let more people hear what we’re doing,” concludes Bird. "I think we've been growing towards this over the last two records. This is the best album we’ve ever done.”

Give The Ramona Flowers and Strangers a spin and I'm sure you’ll agree.

Press Releases

03.23.18//The Ramona Flowers Announce New Single “Dramatist” and Album Pre-order

The Ramona Flowers Announce New Single “Dramatist” and Album Pre-order

UK Band Drops New Track and Joins Leading US Booking Agency

Los Angeles, CA – UK indie-electronic band, The Ramona Flowers announce their new single and lyric video, “Dramatist.” The synth-based track is rooted in nostalgia and accompanied by a powerful drum groove. “Dramatist” will be released on March 23rd alongside the pre-order of the band’s forthcoming album, Strangers, out on May 18th, 2018.

Strangers was recorded at The Distillery in Bath, England and produced by the esteemed Chris Zane (Friendly Fires, Passion Pit, Bat For Lashes). The album, including the previously released singles, “Strangers,” “If You Remember” and “Same Sun,” explores The Ramona Flowers’ perfect balance between rock and electronica. Strangers is the sound of a band that has refined their craft through years of experience and experimenting with different styles, while discovering exactly who they want to be. “The idea for ‘Dramatist’ happened on my way to bed,” explains guitarist Sam James. “It took two minutes! I’m not sure what it says about bedtime, maybe I thought an event was going to happen!”

The band also announced that they have joined US booking agency, Artist Group International (AGI) with agents, Pete Pappalardo and Tom Linden at the helm. AGI is a leading live entertainment agency that books an extensive roster of musicians, comedians and sporting events worldwide. Some of their clients include Cage the Elephant, Smashing Pumpkins, Band of Horses and Iggy Pop.

The Ramona Flowers’ notable performances include memorable sets at Glastonbury and Fuji Rock Festival. The group has toured around the world including shows in Europe, Asia and North America, making many new fans along the way – including Bono, lead singer of U2.  Bono contacted the band after he heard his daughter playing the pulsing and atmospheric track, “Lust And Lies.” The song caught his ear and he subsequently recruited its producer, Andy Barlow (one half of electronic duo Lamb) to help in the making of the Irish supergroup’s latest album, Songs Of ExperienceThe Guardian said, “There's something about this band that suggests hugeness may be imminent.”

“Dramatist” is available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide Friday, March 23rd. To hear the band’s most masterful songwriting to date, pre-order Strangers. Keep up with The Ramona Flowers by visiting

10.13.17//The Ramona Flowers Come Alive With New Single “Strangers”

The Ramona Flowers Come Alive With New Single “Strangers”

UK Band Release High Energy Single

Los Angeles, CA - The Ramona Flowers are back with a new single, “Strangers.” The upbeat, funky, electro-dance track relishes that special moment when you meet someone new and have an instant connection with them. The song embodies the mystery of a new encounter. “Strangers” is now available for download on digital music outlets everywhere.

The song was recorded in Bath, England with producer Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Friendly Fires, Bat For Lashes). “‘Strangers’ is written about that special feeling you get when you first meet someone and wishing that you could relive that over and over again,” explains lead singer, Steve Bird. “Ironically, this was a rare song where we wrote it collectively as a band, but nobody was in the same room at the same time. We just all knew the vibe instantly, but it was a bit like we were strangers."

The Ramona Flowers is a five-piece, electro-pop band that formed almost by chance in Bristol, one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the UK. Taking inspiration from the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the band chose to name themselves after the female lead, Ramona Flowers. The band specializes in infectious electronic beats infused with indie-rock and pop influence that is downright addictive.

The band’s recent EP release, Magnify (Distiller Records), was a fan favorite and earned them performances at Glastonbury Festival events and on the Fuji Rock Festival, as well as tours across Europe and Asia.

The band will make its way to the United States this November.

“Strangers” is available on digital music platforms worldwide Friday, October 13th.

Keep up with The Ramona Flowers by visiting

04.10.18//The Ramona Flowers Release Captivating Single “Out of Focus”

The Ramona Flowers Release Captivating Single “Out of Focus”

UK Band Unveils Music Video Ahead of “Strangers” Album Release

Los Angeles, CA – The Ramona Flowers have released their new electro-pop single and music video for “Out of Focus.” The synth-based track begins with a rhythmic drum groove and continues with an upbeat, addictive chorus. This magnetic song is the latest single off of the band’s forthcoming album, Strangers available on May 18, 2018 via Distiller Records. “Out of Focus” is now available for download and streaming across all digital music platforms. The music video is available for viewing on YouTube.

Out of Focus” is produced by Chris Zane (Friendly Fires, Passion Pit, Bat For Lashes) and explores the group’s electronic and contemporary dance vibe. “Chris has a brilliant knack for getting the most beautiful sounds out of classic synths,” says Sam James. The music video features a collection of the band’s recent tour footage both on and off stage from the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan where they played in front of thousands of people. The popularity of their Fuji Rocks performance created a demand for the subsequent tour which is also featured in the video.

The five-piece electro-pop group formed in Bristol after having met by chance, and have since progressed through two albums – Dismantle And Rebuild (2014) and Part Time Spies (2016) - to their well-developed third long-player, Strangers, set for release on May 18, 2018. The group initially banded together to find a shared sweet spot between rock and electronica. They have since put down their guitars and picked up synthesizers, hence their breezy, ‘80s infused electro-pop sound. The Ramona Flowers have enjoyed international success, performing throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. They have impressively widened their fan base, including the likes of Bono, the lead singer of U2.

“Out of Focus” is a testament to The Ramona Flowers’ uncanny ability to perfectly mesh rock and electronica with addictive, radio-ready hooks. Watch the music video on the band’s YouTube channel and download or stream the track on digital music platforms worldwide. Keep up with The Ramona Flowers by visiting

07.21.17//The Ramona Flowers Release New EP ‘Magnify’

The Ramona Flowers Release New EP ‘Magnify’

Los Angeles, CA -  Fresh off their appearance at the famous Glastonbury Festival, The Ramona Flowers have today released a new four track EP called Magnify.

Current single, ‘If You Remember’ is presented alongside a Luxxury Remix and new cuts, ‘Take Me Apart’ and ‘Numb Drunk’. As beguiling as ever, the EP is a sleek, bass driven, electronically informed modern pop record with synthetic textures and melodies.

Optimistic in sound, the “If You Remember” music video (featuring actor Brian Blessed and brought to life by video director Roger Sargent) inspires positivity through heartwarming visuals and buoyant noise. It’s a feel good video in not so feel good times. “The song itself depicts triumph over adversity, telling a story of someone down on their luck,” explains the band.

Based in Bristol, The Ramona Flowers are Steve Bird, (vocals), Ed Gallimore (drums), Sam James (guitar), Dave Betts (keyboard/guitar) and Wayne Jones (bass). With nearly half a million YouTube views and over 250 thousand Spotify plays, the band are quickly gaining domestic and international attention. They are touring Europe and Japan (including the prestigious Fuji Rocks Festival) this year.

Keep up with The Ramona Flowers by visiting