Spencer Anthony


Ian Imhof


Spencer Anthony grew up like most kids from the picturesque midwest suburbia of Cincinnati, OH; focused on school, sports and hanging out with friends. However, at the age of fifteen he decided to shift his focus away from the path laid out for him. In a few short months his life was transformed when he made the decision to pursue his passions for music and acting. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, he quickly went from a normal high school kid in Ohio, to a multi-talented entertainer fielding a number of opportunities and living part-time in Los Angeles.

Now eighteen, Anthony is striving to craft his musical identity as both a singer and songwriter. With his blend of pop and rock, he looks to craft a sound that bridges the two genres and create songs where both styles are apparent, yet complementary. Regardless of what genre one may categorize a piece of music into, his belief is that good music is good music, period.

Anthony’s first EP, Words to Hide Behind, coming out in Early 2017 will be a collection of songs detailing the issues of growing up, and how sometimes we mask our problems from even those closest to us. The first single, “Monsters” is about the feeling of anxiety and its affect on people in your everyday life. Using metaphor, the song’s chorus describe putting your problems on a shelf to avoid solving them, while the bridge is more straightforward, breaking down into a moment of deep panic. The song culminates with an acoustic variant of the chorus, changing to note that even in the thick of turmoil, there is hope. The rest of the EP showcases Anthony's range, with the second song, “Chase” being a more to the point acoustic pop sing-along that is easy to connect with. The third song, “Happy Pill” starts out focused on electronic synthesizers and pop vocals, but is then catapulted into an anthemic stadium rock chorus.

At the end of the day, Spencer Anthony's mission is to make great, timeless music that truly connects with people. With a handful of great music, Anthony’s real journey is just beginning.