Primal Static


Amanda Blide

Primal Static is a two-piece alternative rock act. Their music seduces with the soulful essence of blues, and fearlessly rocks with trance rhythms and beats. Songwriter/singer/guitarist, G. T. of Primal Static sings and plays without reservation, dripping with raw emotion. His exquisitely thought provoking lyrics are second to none. Keyboardist/bassist, Houfei brings up the rhythm section with her elastic soulful bass and wonderful classically trained keyboard playing. The band uses innovative trance beats to round out their incredibly unique sound sculpture. Primal Static is the definitive live band, with expert musicianship and charismatic presence. Live shows have been the backbone of the Primal Static experience flooring audiences from all over the country!

G.T. and HouFei are life-long musicians, uniting two very different cultures. G. T. has been steadily working on the creation of a new band. With a strong personality and music to match, his modern, exciting songs and guitar work are winning Primal Static fans worldwide. G.T. became impassioned as a child by rock and blues and picked up the guitar, which allowed his songwriting to soar. He draws his inspiration from many great musicians from primal blues to modern electronic trance. The passion and edge in his musicianship reflects the various worlds he inhabits, from traveling troubadour to isolated composer. HouFei once said, “when I met G.T., he was like a furious wild fire that lit up life and music for me as I had never known before. I called G.T. a couple of days after we met, and got his answering machine. A heart wrenching guitar solo greeted me. Time stood still. I couldn’t even speak when the beep sounded. That was my introduction of G. T. the musician.”

HouFei, born and raised in China, started playing piano at 4. HouFei’s route to Primal Static started when she came to the U.S. at 18 on full scholarship after being heard by an American piano professor giving master classes in Shanghai. Since arriving in the states, she has competed in international piano competitions and won numerous prizes. HouFei has finished her doctoral degree at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, MD. Possessing a profound adoration of the music, HouFei has found her true home in Primal Static. The electric energy and freedom reflected in the songs completes her. She now uses her vast knowledge of the keyboard for the music she was made for.

Press Releases

01.27.17//Primal Static Pushes Boundaries With New EP Panstylistic

Primal Static Pushes Boundaries With New EP Panstylistic

Austin, TX – Rock act, Primal Static released their latest project, Panstylistic, a captivating EP that captures all of the components heard in alternative rock, yet is mixed with an eclectic rock sound and the soul found in blues. Panstylistic is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

Panstylistic is a showpiece that acts as a musical time machine. Produced by lead singer/guitarist, G.T. at the Cat House in Austin, Texas and mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, The Black Keys) of Magic Garden Mastering, the unique layers of genres are perfectly blended together, making an effortlessly intriguing sound. The combination of electric guitar riffs and soulful underlining bass heard throughout are truly infectious. The first track from the collection, “Fall Before Your Pride” is an edgy yet catchy single that evokes a heavy atmosphere with its hypnotic riff and soulful vocals and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Equally as musically daring are the songs, “Sophia” and “To Live.” “Sophia” introduces acoustic guitar and breathy vocals while “To Live” is a soul-drenched ode to blues. The EP closes with, “Come Back To Me,” a rock anthem with a riveting riff and eastern driving beat. “As with any record, this is a snapshot of the band from the past year.” The duo explained, “The songs communicate a very warm feeling, which was buzzing around the studio.”

Primal Static consists of two talented, lifelong musicians, G.T., singer/guitarist and HouFei, keyboardist/bassist. Born and raised in China, HouFei was pursuing a doctoral degree in piano at the world-renowned Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore when she met self-taught musician and wild child, G.T. HouFei recalls that G.T. was a furious wild fire that sparked life and music for her. When she called his voicemail for the first time, she was met with a heart-wrenching guitar solo and time stood still. The pair has worked together since to create the honest and organic sound that is Primal Static.

Panstylistic is a diverse collection of tracks that carry a raw rock essence intertwined with modern alternative rock resulting in a distinct work of art that anyone can relate to. Download Panstylistic on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Keep up with Primal Static and their musical journey on their website at