Ian Imhof


A raw and vibrant artist, Pontea is preparing to make her mark on the musical world. Her music is a perfect blend of R&B and soulful pop that is infused with rhythmic beats and ambient synths, which render her distinct sound. Born and raised in Los Angeles to Persian Jewish immigrants, Pontea initially conformed to the expectations of her heritage. After graduating from UCLA, she decided to flip the script and pursue her lifelong dream of being a singer, a path that has always been challenged by her culture’s limitations on social norms and expectations.

Growing up in an artistic family, Pontea’s father was a talented singer, whose voice would fill the house with songs from Iran, Italy and 60’s pop. Her mother, a prolific poet, would lull her to sleep with ancient Persian poetry each night. This love of the arts and music in her home fostered her lust for creativity and artistic expression. From a young age, she became the entertainment at every large family gathering.

During her formative years, the self-described drama queen and theatre geek was heavily involved in dance, musical theater and choir. After composing piano pieces that frequently won composition awards, Pontea’s songwriting itch evolved to a more modern and pop-centric sound. Brought on by her affinity for singing soulful vocals and a need to channel a rollercoaster of emotions from her tumultuous high school relationship, the songs began pouring out one after the other. “A lot of my music is about breakups and makeups, the dysfunctions in relationships, moments of weakness and temptation, flirtation, and the effort to maintain my sense of self within them,” she notes, adding, “I also feel a strong pull toward reflecting on society and the ways of today’s generation.” Her lyrical content reflecting on her inner turmoil give a cutting edge to what one may perceive as upbeat electro pop on their first listen.

Although she has faced many obstacles in pursuing music as a career, Pontea considers herself part of a new and liberated creative community pushing beyond the bounds of cultural limitations for women. She is on the path to realizing her dreams, and hopes to inspire other women in her position to do the same.

Over the last few years, Pontea has been garnering attention throughout Southern California for her fiery and captivating live performances. No stranger to the local scene, she has performed at The House of Blues, The Federal and Genghis Cohen. With her ability to evoke the ebb and flow of raw emotion and a modest sensuality in her vocals, along with dynamic body movements and impromptu beat boxing, her magnetic presence on stage keeps the audience glued to her every move.

Pontea’s debut EP marks a defining moment in her evolution as a songwriter. As she continues to evolve, she challenges herself to step outside her comfort zone while remaining authentic and true to her voice. Proud and more motivated than ever, Pontea is excited to release this new body of work, and more thereafter, into the world as she displays her wide range and lasting sound.