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Lio Nicol is both sage and sass. With honest yet quirky lyrics, she has found a way to reflect her sense of humor while maintaining her grace, setting her apart from other singer-songwriters.

After a few semesters of studying biology at the University of Montana, Nicol left her hometown of Missoula and relocated to California in 2010 to pursue a career in music. A talented pianist and guitarist, Lio Nicol has found her greatest passion lies within songwriting. Inspired by the legendary Diane Warren, Nicol’s songwriting is a reflection of her thoughts, heartbreak, and love. Her powerhouse vocals and catchy indie-pop melodies have led to her being describes as an early Mariah Carey meets Florence and The Machine.

Lio Nicol has toured and recorded with some of the industry’s top musicians as well as Grammy award-winning producers. She has performed all over North America in a variety of concerts including the Dragon Boat Festival, Durango Expo, House of Blues San Diego, The Mint in Los Angeles and many others. Music fans have recognized her 5-octave range and impressive stage presence and continue to come back to her shows again and again.

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Press Releases

11.18.16//Lio Nicol Places The “Blame” With New Release

Lio Nicol Places The “Blame” With New Release

Pop Songwriter and Performer Pens Honest and Relatable Single

Los Angeles, CA– Pop songwriter and performer Lio Nicol released her first single, “Blame,” a moving pop anthem that elucidates what it is to realize it’s time to let go. The track finds the singer in her most vulnerable state as she details the confusion and pain felt during a one-sided breakup. “Blame” is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

Lio Nicol takes listeners through the emotions that are felt when a relationship goes south. The song opens with a catchy beat as Nicol sings brutally honest lyrics, “I don’t know where we went wrong, feeling my heart turning stone; you’re not the only one in pain, I’m not the only one to blame.” Nicol explains, “Overall, ‘Blame’ is about two people who never really were on the same page and it finally hits one of them, but not the other.” Lio Nicol purposely writes storytelling lyrics that are open to interpretation so her listeners can decide for themselves what the songs are about. “I don’t ever like to say too much about a song because I want people to feel exactly how they need to at the time of listening to it.” Produced by Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios, “Blame” beautifully encompasses Lio Nicol’s incredible vocal ability and is the first single off of her debut EP, 1, due out in early 2017.

A former biology major, Lio Nicol dropped out of the University of Montana to pursue a music career in California. The talented pianist and guitarist found her niche in songwriting, which was initially inspired by her biggest musical influence, Diane Warren. With her 5_octave vocal range and indie-pop melodies, Nicol has been compared to a young Mariah Carey meets Florence Welch. Lio Nicol is known for her impressive stage presence and has performed all over North America at a variety of festivals and venues such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Durango Expo, House of Blues in San Diego and many others.

Lio Nicol’s unique blend of sage and sass has allowed her to capture the hearts of new music fans. “Blame” is available for download on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify. Follow Lio Nicol by visiting her website at

01.27.17//Lio Nicol Releases Captivating Indie-pop EP, 1

Lio Nicol Releases Captivating Indie-pop EP, 1

Los Angeles, CA- Indie-pop artist, Lio Nicol has released her first EP entitled 1. With catchy beats and a four-octave vocal range, Nicol sings heartfelt lyrics in a storytelling form. Her new EP, 1 is available to download on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify.

Lio Nicol’s indie-pop sass and quirky lyrics came to life with the help of producer Wesley Switzer of Milestone Studios. Opening the EP is the upbeat track, “They Sent You Back Down,” a catchy anthem that details everything about a love interest that drives you towards them. The EP’s first single released in late 2016, “Blame” is about the feelings of confusion and frustration that follow the end of a one-sided relationship. The track is relatable to anyone who has undergone heartbreak. Leaving her lyrics open to interpretation, Nicol allows the audience to make their own personal connection to her songs. The EP closes with “Take Me Away,a special track for the talented pianist and songwriter. “The song ‘Take Me Away’ was the first song I wrote on piano entirely alone,” says Nicol.

Hailing from Missoula, Montana, Lio Nicol dropped out of The University of Montana and relocated to California to pursue her passion for songwriting. Her powerful vocals have led fans to compare her to a mixture between early Mariah Carey and Florence and The Machine. Known for her impressive stage presence, she has performed at a variety of festivals and venues such as Canadian Music Week, The Hotel Café, House of Blues in San Diego, The W Hotel in Hollywood and many others.

With undeniable talent and fierce passion, Lio Nicol’s career is steadily rising. Her EP, 1, is available for download on iTunes and streaming on Spotify. For the latest on Lio Nicol, visit her website at