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Americana-singer/songwriter, Joseph Eid has been writing poetry and dreaming of a career in the arts as long as he can remember. He grew up in the suburbs of New York. Raised in a strict and traditional home, the arts were only supported as a hobby and never as a career. During his college years, Eid studied psychology and pre-med. After his first semester at med school, his dream got too big to hold and Eid made the bold choice of dropping out to move to New York City to pursue music.

While in New York, Joseph Eid picked up a guitar, joined a band, and the songs poured out of him like rain. His journey then led to Los Angeles where he started playing regularly at open mic nights and showcases. Shortly after, he began working with world-renowned guitarist/songwriter, David Lamar, honing his songwriting at weekly showcases at the Stone Bar. This lead him to write over 30 new songs as well as record a debut EP, Cardiac Output, followed by a full-length LP, Human.

Known as a dynamic solo performer, Joseph Eid has brought his one-man live show to many of Los Angeles’ premiere music venues, including stints at Room 5 and El Cid and residencies at The Stone Bar, Crane’s Hollywood Tavern, and Bar Lubitsch. He has also toured the West Coast including a handful of house concerts as a part of the Concerts In Your Home series.

Since the release of his Human LP, Joseph Eid has been garnering considerable buzz. He has been featured in American Songwriter Magazine’s “Best New Music” column and was recently named as one of the 100 Hottest Live Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine. His latest EP, Watch It Fall, will be released in Spring 2017. Visit for more information.



Press Releases

05.26.17//Joseph Eid Captivates Audiences With Watch It Fall

Joseph Eid Captivates Audiences With Watch It Fall

Poetic Singer Songwriter Releases Moving EP

Los Angeles, CA – Americana singer-songwriter, Joseph Eid, released his latest EP titled Watch It Fall. The aptly titled six-track EP brings forth a darker mood than his previous releases, depicting Eid’s reflection on life, how he got there, and contemplating if the decisions he’s made along the way were the right ones. Watch It Fall is now available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

Produced by Brian Soucy and Joseph Eid, Watch It Fall describes the beautifully tragic story of the road to success. The EP illustrates the journey of finding the positive in each situation and discovering the light at the end of the tunnel. “While it is a darker album, it is also empowering because it is all about accepting what is and continuing on the quest for truth,” Eid explains. The EP features the singles, “Diary,” “One and Only” and “Watch It Fall.”  A video for “One and Only” was released in late 2016 followed by the title-track which premiered in February 2017.  Watch It Fall is the follow up release to Eid’s previous album, Human.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York in a strict, conservative home, Joseph Eid pursued a career in psychology and pre-med in college, putting his dreams of chasing a career in music on hold. Eventually, he decided to ditch the books and joined a band where he thrived more than ever, solidifying that he had made the right choice in fulfilling his dreams of becoming a musician. Shortly after, Eid packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles where he played open mic events and performed in showcases before eventually landing residencies at Harvard & Stone, Crane’s Hollywood Tavern, Room 5 and Bar Lubitsch. Eid has been featured on American Songwriter as well as earning a spot on Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists list.

Joseph Eid’s Watch It Fall EP unveils a wide range of emotions that listeners can connect to, making it relatable to a large audience. Watch It Fall tells the gripping story of the ups and downs discovering yourself and learning to find positives in life. The EP is available for download or streaming digitally worldwide. Keep up with Joseph Eid’s journey by visiting

02.24.17//Joseph Eid Sweeps The Dreamers Off Their Feet With “Watch It Fall”

Joseph Eid Sweeps The Dreamers Off Their Feet With “Watch It Fall”

Los Angeles, CA – Americana singer and songwriter, Joseph Eid released his latest single, “Watch It Fall”, a folk tune with truthful lyrics that unite with its heartwarming melody. The single communicates the unpredictable experiences that come along with chasing one’s dreams. “Watch it Fall” is now available for download and streaming worldwide.

Produced by Brian Soucy and Joseph Eid, “Watch It Fall” shines light on the feelings that occur while chasing your dreams, as time becomes your enemy. “I first said six months, but it’s been six years and I am still here,” Eid sings. “I wrote this song at a low point when I was questioning the choices and sacrifices I was making to continue the vigorous quest of chasing my dreams and living as an artist,” Eid comments. “The building is a metaphor for his life. I thought that the idea of using vivid characters and their stories in this setting would be an entertaining and effective way to communicate the emotions of sadness, disappointment, despair.”  Even with its defeated lyrics, the track still has an upbeat melody that encourages the mind to keep going.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York City, Joseph Eid always had a passion for the arts and was heavily influenced by artists such as Elton John, Jackson Browne, Prince, and Bob Dylan. “Bob Dylan influenced me as a writer. The way he wrote so frankly and like conversation, yet in poetry. I learned that I could say things in my own voice, and had to connect with my truth.” In college, Eid majored in psychology and pre-med before dropping out of medical school to pursue a music career full time. His journey eventually led him to Los Angeles where he has held residencies at Harvard & Stone, Crane’s Hollywood Tavern, Room 5, and Bar Lubitsch.

With the ardent lyrics of his music, Joseph Eid proves to be a dreamer. “Watch It Fall,” from the forthcoming EP due out this spring, demonstrates that sometimes your dreams may take longer to achieve than anticipated. Download or stream it everywhere music is sold. To keep up with Joseph Eid’s journey, follow him at