Honey and Jude


Amanda Blide


Motown loving, spicy-food-eating, duet singing, hair champions, pop duo Honey and Jude are bringing something that’s ‘twice as nice’ to the musical world of teens, pre-teens, and excitable soccer moms.

Born and raised in Southern California, Honey and Jude are so LA, it’s silly. Like something right out of Grease, their Danny and Sandy- esque charm keeps things fun and fresh at their LA-area shows.

The title of their first single, “My Stupid Songs,” (2015) says it all.

“It’s that whole ‘I love you’ and ‘I hate you’ thing,” they said. “It’s stupid, and you feel stupid for being that way, but we all do it.”

The release of their debut EP, Summer Fling: Don’t Mean a Thing (2015) has been well received, gaining attention most notably from Music Connection Magazine, who named Honey and Jude in their “Top 100 Unsigned Artists of 2015.”

“There’s a definite commercial appeal to this duo, who exhibit well- trained vocal mechanics,” says Music Connection Magazine. “These performers have great energy, solid song craft and it is clear they’ve got musical theater in their veins.”

The repertoire ranges from bittersweet ballads that nod towards a 50’s era sound in “Not Worth a Song” and the dramatic “I Need You” to edgier songs that make being bad feel right in “Wrong.” And it wouldn’t be Honey and Jude without the over-the-top popalicious anthems like “The Lucky One” and “My Stupid Songs.”

Honey and Jude have collectively played several notable venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, The Foundation Room, and more.

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Press Releases

09.30.16//Honey and Jude Release Uplifting Pop Anthem “Weirdos and Freaks”

Honey and Jude Release Uplifting Pop Anthem “Weirdos and Freaks”

Pop Duo Dedicates Song to National Bullying Prevention Month

Los Angeles, CA - Pop duo, Honey and Jude have released their latest single, “Weirdos and Freaks,” a teen pop anthem that takes a stance against bullying. The motivational track embraces the beauty of being yourself no matter what others think. Produced by Michael Wofford, the duo is releasing the song just in time for October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. “Weirdos and Freaks” is now available for download on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify.

“Weirdos and Freaks” is a call to arms for self-acceptance and empowerment. While the track is a sugary pop tune with mesmerizing harmonies, there is much more to it than an upbeat pop tempo, the song also serves to send a serious message. The song was written for anyone who has ever been pushed around or called a name, but really it is for everyone. “We want to spread the message that who ever you are, be proud of it regardless of what anyone else may think,” Honey and Jude comment. Digging deeper into the song, you can hear the inspiring message behind it with lyrics like, “Here’s to the weirdos and the freaks, we don't pretend, we just be who we want to be,” The duo then fires back at bullies with lines like, “You’re just not worth it and I ain’t got time.” The pair was inspired to write the single, after a fan wrote a Facebook post about struggling with bullies. “Weirdos and Freaks” was written to give victims of bullying a voice.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Honey and Jude have been performing together since 2012 and officially formed as a duo in 2015. Absolutely charming with their present day Danny and Sandy-esque personas and retro-inspired tunes, Honey and Jude transport listeners back to the ‘50s, but with a modern twist. Released in 2015, their debut EP, Summer Fling: Don't Mean a Thing gained attention most notably from Music Connection Magazine, who included the duo in their “Top 100 Unsigned Artists of 2015.” Honey and Jude have played various Los Angeles venues such as House of Blues, Hard Rock Café, as well as countless malls and schools.

“Weirdos and Freaks” is an infectious pop track that clearly encompasses who Honey and Jude truly are. Download the single on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. To learn more about Honey and Jude, visit them at www.HoneyAndJudeMusic.com.

02.17.17//Honey and Jude Revisit Old Fashioned Young Love With “The Real Thing”

Honey and Jude Revisit Old Fashioned Young Love With “The Real Thing”

Los Angeles, CA -  Pop duo, Honey and Jude have released their latest single, “The Real Thing,” a lively song that paints the vivid image of star-crossed lovers in reckless abandon, without a doubt in the world that what they have is the real thing. Sonically, the single stays true to the classic Honey and Jude anthemic sound, with a new 80’s synth pop flair. “The Real Thing” is now available for download and streaming worldwide.

Produced by Mark McKee (Rooney, Delta Rae), the single details conventional methods a couple resorts to for showing devotion towards one another. “‘The Real Thing’ is a throwback, slow track, old school kind of love,” the duo explains. “It hearkens back to a day when asking a girl out on a date meant sneaking her a handwritten letter instead of a generic text, a day when going steady with a boy was about more than just updating your Facebook status to ‘In a relationship.’” For Honey and Jude, the old school dating approach of communication emphasizes the sincerity that would normally get lost through modern day technology. “It’s about a time when the way we felt about each other wasn’t limited to 140 characters and when memories lasted more than the ten seconds on Snapchat,” they explain. Lyrics such as “I’ll be throwing rocks at the window, sneaking out the back door, laying on the hood of your car,” showcase the image of a forbidden teenage romance.

The Southern California pair describes themselves as a modern day Danny and Sandy, from Grease. With the charm they bring through their music and their soaring stage energy to match, Honey and Jude have taken their uplifting performance to crowds in prominent Los Angeles venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues, and more. Following the release of their debut EP, Summer Fling: Don’t Mean a Thing (2015), and their breakout single, “Weirdos and Freaks” (2016), Honey and Jude were recognized by Music Connection Magazine as one of their “Top 100 Unsigned Artists of the Year.”

With a combination of their peppy lyrics and stage presence, Honey and Jude bring something new to the world of pop. Download their new single, “The Real Thing” everywhere music is sold. To follow Honey and Jude, visit their official website at HoneyandJudeMusic.com.