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When G Matthews calls herself an independent artist, she means a whole lot more than how her music gets released. You can hear her strength, individuality and unfettered spirit in every song.

The Southern California native brings together alternative rock with street-smart pop and irresistible rhythms, creating an unshakable foundation for her heartfelt lyrics. It’s a sound that could only have grown from the Golden State while being uniquely G.

G always knew she was going to be a performer. It’s funny now to remember how badly she bombed her first audition, but that flop was what made her realize that raw talent needed to be honed by training and practice. By age 19, G thought dance would fill her need for creativity, so she shifted her attentions and became a backup dancer. She was on stage performing, but she was not following her dream, so after a few years G put away her Capezios and explored other avenues of expression.

As she pondered the void she felt in her life, G’s thoughts kept returning to singing. She found herself mentally replaying one particular evening, the night she saw No Doubt perform live and watched a woman take charge of a band that wholeheartedly rocked out. And when that front woman, Gwen Stefani, sang “Trapped in a Box,” G felt like those lyrics were describing her own life.

G knew these thoughts meant she had to seize the moment and focus on the dream she’d had from the very beginning. She returned to using her voice, but this time with a maturity that required her to practice, learn, study, and practice some more. Soon she was getting gigs as a back-up vocalist and exercising her powers by interpreting other people’s songs.

G recently made the leap to creating her own original music, so now fans can hear her journey for themselves in songs like “Backtrack,” "Chasing Happy" and “Judge Me Not” from her debut LP, Chasing Happy. You can also catch her in action around Los Angeles while she brings her inimitable live experience to venues including the world famous Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room, and The Mint.

Press Releases

12.01.16//G Matthews Doesn't Want To Trim Your Tree This Christmas

G Matthews Doesn't Want To Trim Your Tree This Christmas

Pop-rock Singer Releases Original Christmas Single

Los Angeles, CA – G Matthews released an original Christmas song just in time for the holidays. “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” is pop-rock with just the right amount of Christmas. Matthew’s powerful vocals intertwined with a piercing electric guitar and the familiar sound of sleigh bells makes for the perfect punk rock Christmas track. “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” is now available on iTunes and Spotify. A music video for the single is also available for viewing on YouTube.

A perfect blend of holiday spirit and attitude, “I Don’t Want To Trim Your Tree” is the new anthem for anyone who has ever been called a Grinch. The single is about not wanting to be bothered with the hustle and bustle that Christmas brings. With the opening line, “Damn is it that time of year again? Everyone is singing tis the season,” Matthews makes it clear that she won't be decking any halls this December. Throughout the song, Matthews sings about not wanting to take part in Christmas activities because of all the obligations that come along with the holidays. “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” is not your average Christmas song, with heavy guitars underlying lyrics like, “Spare me this Christmas Eve, I don't want to trim your tree,” and “I’m not in the mood so do it yourself.” Despite the not so cheerful lyrics, G Matthews wants everyone to know she does enjoy the holiday season. “I actually really like the holidays,” she says. “It’s just sometimes I don't like the added pressure that comes with it.” Produced and engineered by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio), “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” is the perfect Christmas song for people who don't necessarily embrace the holidays like others do.

G Matthews found her love for the arts at a young age. Inspired by legendary artists such as Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and Hall & Oats, Matthews knew she wanted to perform for an audience. Starting off as a dancer, Matthews danced in music videos and on various tours. While dancing, Matthews had a secret passion for singing. To prove herself to her friends and family, Matthews got a band together and rehearsed covers that she performed at her birthday party as a surprise. Since that surprise performance, Matthews continued to write and record music she’s passionate about. Her debut album, Chasing Happy was released earlier this year and is available on iTunes.

In a truly infectious holiday song, Matthews captures the essence of upbeat holiday music with pop-rock influences and not so jolly lyrics. “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” can be downloaded on iTunes, streamed on Spotify and the video can be viewed on YouTube. To stay up to date with G Matthews, visit her website at GMatthewsMusic.com.

03.03.17//G Matthews Pushes Up The Mountain With “Keep On Going”

G Matthews Pushes Up The Mountain With “Keep On Going”

Los Angeles, CA - Pop-rock firecracker,  G Matthews released her latest single, “Keep On Going,” an alternative rock track that encourages individuals to get back on their horse by forgetting the past. “Keep On Going” is the first single off of her forthcoming album, Superhero and is available for download and streaming worldwide.

Produced by Raphael Sepulveda, “Keep On Going” embraces the human mind with auspicious lyrics and an energetic melody. “Don’t let the bullshit from your past, let what you’ve got coming,” sings G Matthews. With its power-pop guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums, the single discloses the notion that one must not let their past alter the prosperity of the future. “It's about picking yourself back up and pushing on… we all have our moments when we're low, but you'll never make it unless you keep going," comments G Matthews.

Southern California native, G Matthews discovered her love for the arts at a young age. Starting her career at 19 as a backup dancer, G knew that something inside of her was not fulfilled, leading her to begin exploring several different creative mediums to fill that void. An epiphany came to her when she saw a live performance of “Trapped in a Box” by No Doubt with Gwen Stefani rocking out to the tune. With the mindset of ‘practice makes perfect’, she began to land gigs as a backup vocalist before discovering her own sound. Since then, G Matthews has released a handful of singles, a full-length album, Chasing Happy (2016) and performed around the Los Angeles area at venues with heights such as Whisky a Go Go, The Viper Room and The Mint.

G Matthews sets ghosts from the past free with “Keep On Going” and punches life’s hardships to the ground with its fist-fighting lyrics. Download or stream the single now and keep up with G Matthews by visiting GMatthewsMusic.com.

10.07.16//G Matthews Takes the Essential Strides To Chase Happiness

G Matthews Takes the Essential Strides To Chase Happiness

Pop-rock Artist Releases New Album, “Chasing Happy”

Los Angeles, CA – Pop-rock artist, G Matthews brings her heart, emotion and infectious spirit to the table in her new album, Chasing Happy. G Matthews puts every ounce of fortitude with a dash of moxie into each song off the album. Chasing Happy is now available for download on iTunes and for streaming on Spotify.

Produced by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio), Chasing Happy showcases G Matthews’ powerful and emotive songwriting, demonstrating the incredible journey she has taken to get where she is today. The album skillfully combines pop-punk guitar riffs with captivating melodies reminiscent of bands like Paramore and Echosmith. The record stands out with songs like, “Backtrack” and the title track, “Chasing Happy,” a riveting and evocative gem that reveals Matthews’ quest to find joy. “Judge Me Not” is a responsive song about bullying where Matthews paves a path of self-love and assurance. With a fun, quick beat, the song evolves into a compelling and dynamic anthem about being true to you. While touching on relatable topics like failing relationships and finding yourself, Matthews also gets heavy with songs about self-harm and sexual assault. Opening with a light and harmonious guitar, “Unsacred” is a courageous and sincere narrative documenting Matthews’ own experience with rape and sexual assault. G Matthews isn’t afraid to get vulnerable and reveal insecurities, allowing this album to be a refreshing break from current cookie-cutter pop music.

G Matthews fell in love with music at a young age after being exposed to artists like Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin and Hall and Oates. These musicians brought her to realizing her dream of performing live and showing the world what she has to offer. Writing her own music proves to be a cathartic process for Matthews and allows her to tell a story exactly as she wants the audience to hear it. “I finally got the chance to use music as a medium to express myself,” states Matthews. This expression gives her complete creative freedom. Matthews takes that freedom, adds in whole heart, soul and spirit to create a momentous listener experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

G Matthews’ commanding stage presence, soaring vocals and infectious songs allow her to capture the attention of her audience and Chasing Happy is the impressive collection of evocative, powerful and reflective anthems that they’ve been waiting for. Fans can download her album, Chasing Happy on iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Follow G Matthews online by visiting www.GMatthewsMusic.com.