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Emerald Portal is the brainchild of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, two musicians, who at a young age immersed themselves into all aspects of art. As a sound designer and screenwriter, respectively, their music is heavily influenced by their cinematic backgrounds. Emerald Portal seeks to make engaging music that not only tells stories, but transports listeners.

Born in Europe, Thomas from Paris, France and Brad from Crete, Greece, both grew up learning how to play piano and guitar. They each spent years playing music before entering the film industry. Upon meeting on the set of a music video in Los Angeles, where the duo currently live, they found they had a mutual interest in creating music and began working on a number of songs. After a period of creative activity they had written enough material for an album. Each song on their first LP, Beyond The Edge of Reason, was a glimpse into different worlds and stories that all culminated into a grander, overall universe. Using their background in film, the duo created music videos for six of the songs from the album.

Emerald Portal works in various artistic fields often collaborating with directors, musicians, and artists to expand their vision and sound. They’ve received numerous awards for their music videos (LAIFFA, Orlando Film Festival, Los Angeles CineFest) and have a new EP, Trouble In Paradise ready for release in 2017. The ambitious band is currently working on three separate concept albums, each another glimpse into the many stories populating the Emerald Portal. Visit them at EmeraldPortalMusic.com.

Press Releases

02.17.17//Emerald Portal Create Cinematic Landscape With “All The Running”

Emerald Portal Create Cinematic Landscape With “All The Running”

Los Angeles, CA – Indie post-rock band, Emerald Portal released their latest single, “All The Running,” a unique and cinematic storytelling track. The track is the first single off of the band’s forthcoming EP, Trouble In Paradise and is now available for download and streaming worldwide.

Emerald Portal strives to make music that goes beyond the conventional pop structure and takes you on a journey. With a heavy cinematic influence, “All The Running” is a thought-provoking track that transports listeners to new worlds. The song kicks off with soft synthesizers that build up to a subtle electric sound mixed with indie rock influences. Layered with piano and an electric guitar solo, the unique track creates a calming and carefree vibe. Emerald Portal recruited the help of Jason Rosen, of Los Angeles indie-electronic duo, Smoke Season, to produce the track at DTLA Recording Studios. They also enlisted drummer, Kyle Crane who has worked with Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and the Academy Award winning movie, Whiplash. “We’re trying to tell stories and make engaging music that transports you,” the band comments. Aside from beautifully unique vocals and intriguing storytelling lyrics, “All The Running” is a lush and imaginative track.

Emerald Portal, the duo consisting of Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade, are two musicians who both became consumed with the arts at a young age. Ouziel from Paris, France and Rundblade from Crete, Greece, embarked on their own musical journeys until they crossed paths on a music video set in Los Angeles. The two had a lot in common as they both had backgrounds in music and film, and they quickly discovered their shared love for the arts and began collaborating on multiple music projects. Having already released an LP, their second project, Trouble In Paradise will be ready for release in Spring 2017.

“All The Running” is a raw post-rock song that acts as a portal to a different world. Emerald Portal continues to push the boundaries with their highly cinematic music. Download “All The Running” everywhere music is sold and keep up with their latest releases by visiting, EmeraldPortalMusic.com.

05.26.17//Emerald Portal Pushes Boundaries With “OneHundredTwenty”

Emerald Portal Pushes Boundaries With “OneHundredTwenty”

ndie Post-Rock Band Releases New Single Off Forthcoming EP, ‘Trouble In Paradise’

Los Angeles, CA – Indie post-rock band, Emerald Portal, released their latest single, “OneHundredTwenty,” a stimulating and cinematic track. The track is the second single off their forthcoming EP, Trouble In Paradise and is available for download and streaming on digital music platforms worldwide.

“OneHundredTwenty” is a raw and captivating single comprised of soft synthesizers, ascending electric guitar riffs and fading vocals. Infused with indie rock influences, the well-rounded track pulls inspiration from the band’s background in film. Mastered by Gentry Studer at Epicenter Mastering in Los Angeles, “OneHundredTwenty” is a thought-provoking track that is essentially a stream of consciousness poem dealing with the existential crisis of an elderly individual who’s lived a full life and is faced with the unknown of death. “It’s a quintessential question to humanity and we loved the intention of presenting the idea for the listener to contemplate for themselves,” says the band. True to their name, Emerald Portal succeeds in creating music that acts as a portal to a different world.

Hoping to make an impact in the world of cinema and music, Emerald Portal strives to create art that is a perfect balance of the two. Heavily influenced by the art of filmmaking, Thomas Ouziel and Brad Rundblade joined together and Emerald Portal began their journey into music. Ouziel from Paris, France and Rundblade from Crete, Greece, collaborated to create what they feel is the perfect sound for cinematic music. With multiple music projects already released, Emerald Portal’s journey is far from over.

“OneHundredTwenty” is a unique track that invites listeners to explore new worlds. Without following the status quo, Emerald Portal continues to experiment with their highly cinematic music. You can download or stream “OneHundredTwenty” worldwide on digital music platforms. For more on Emerald Portal visit EmeraldPortalMusic.com.