Adam Prince King


Ian Imhof

Shiny, lyrical pop from London-born Cypriot producer-vocalist Adam Prince King. A performer from the womb, much to his mother's dismay, Adam would often head to primary school in a midnight blue velvet waistcoat and red bow tie, convincingly telling the teacher that he had a wedding to attend after class, often caught out but rarely giving a flying fuck.

Not much has changed - as his name suggests, Adam Prince King is a man in charge of his musical output and image - from the moody, sensual, tropical-pop of debut single "Flamingos" to the honest surrender of "Before The Sun goes Down" a track that could make you cry, dance & make an atheist pray all in 3 minutes, Adam writes songs du jour that are catchy-as-hell yet unafraid of vulnerability. Visually, you won't catch him dead in a bow-tie, but his striking artistry and his effortless love affair with the eccentric-cool only adds to the musical tapestry.

In just over a month, his debut music video for "Flamingos" has hit the 100K mark on YouTube and the track has been featured on Spotify's much-coveted Hiptronix Fresh Finds playlist.

Influences include David Bowie, Moby, Prince, Sade, 90's RnB, James Brown, Drake, Andre 3000, The Smiths, Madonna.